VIDEO: Rihanna’s Major Karaoke Fail

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VIDEO: Rihanna’s Major Karaoke Fail
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Rihanna makes her living singing and entertaining. So, one can assume that when she sings on her own time, she would be good at it, right? WRONG.

Rihanna, the drunk lush that she is, was filmed by some random club-goer at a karaoke bar in Germany absolutely butchering No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”

Besides NOT knowing any of the words, Rihanna basically just wailed like a cat in heat and then forced her friend to hold her up while she sank to the ground either out of laziness or drunkenness.

Honestly, this video makes us reconsider Rihanna’s singing career entirely, but it also makes us want to party with RiRi way more than we already did.

RiRi, girl you SUCK at karaoke, but those platinum albums don’t lie.