Rihanna's Restraining Order Against Chris to Remain the Same

August 4, 2009 By:
Rihanna's Restraining Order Against Chris to Remain the Same

It looks like Rihanna isn’t interested in being estranged from Chris Brown forever. He’ll be sentenced tomorrow for his alleged attack on her, but according to her lawyer, she “won’t be there.”

There is already a "level one" protective restraining order against Chris Brown in place, and there will be no changes to the order tomorrow when he goes to court.

Her attorney Donald Etra said in a statement to Hollyscoop today, "A level one order is sufficient for my client. The order will require Chris to not molest, annoy, or harass Rihanna. Since the inception of the case, we've always believed that that's the only order required."

Chris is still required to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times, unless they both appear at an industry event, (such as the Grammy's or MTV Awards), in which case, he has to stay at least 10 yards away from her.

Chris’ expected sentence is five years of probation, 180 days of community service, and one full year of domestic violence classes. Sounds like a fun-filled future!

Meanwhile, Chris is going to make his first TV appearance to talk about the "incident" with Rihanna on Larry King Live on Wednesday after his court appearance.

He'll reportedly make another public apology on Larry King hoping to gain more sympathy from his fans. Do you think a TV apology will help with his public appearance? Or will it be one of those incidences that will haunt him for the rest of his career?