Rihanna's Former Pastor: 'We're Praying For Her'

March 12, 2012 By:
Rihanna's Former Pastor: 'We're Praying For Her'

Rihanna loves a good time, and let’s face it, we love to watch her have one. The singer is known for working hard and partying harder. Although her recent rumored romance with Chris Brown has people cringing. Just a little.

Anyway, Rihanna’s behavior has her former pastor “praying” for her.

The 64 year-old clergyman, based in Barbados, said: "A lot of people have been praying for her and hoping that she will drop these bad habits.”

I love the fact that there’s a church somewhere with a Sunday sermon that's just, ‘Praying for Rihanna.’

"We feel it's wrong for her to behave like this. As a young lady she's not setting a good example,” Bishop Lowe said. “Young people look to her as a mentor, they regard her as an idol and copy her lifestyle.”

What?! What are you talking about? I think we’re all mature enough to know not to emulate that lifestyle. * picks wedgie from my Bob Marley bathing suit *

“There are people on the island who think she parties way too hard,” the Bishop continued.

And of course, he has something to say about Rihanna’s recent collaboration with Chris Brown:
“After all he did, I’d tell her to steer clear of him. He’s not the correct influence on her life.”

So….you’re not Team Breezy?

The pastor added that he actually went to a Rihanna concert and was “shocked” by what he saw.

"She needs to calm down and behave - I think she's a troubled girl,” the Bishop said. “She's talented and beautiful, but puts herself in dangerous situations."