Rihanna's Battered Face Plastered on Anti-Domestic Violence Ads

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Rihanna\'s Battered Face Plastered on Anti-Domestic Violence Ads

More bad news for Team Breezy today…

While Rihanna’s naked body is serving as the cover shot of this month’s GQ magazine, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is the poster child a new campaign: The crusade against girlfriend abusers.

In Stockholm, Sweden, domestic abuse protesters are hard at work trying to get Brown’s concert on November 19 canceled. Brown’s now infamous 2009 beating of his girlfriend is the organization’s main beef they’re reminding citizens in a very visual way.

According to Vibe.com, the anti-Breezy gang has been posting signs around the capital city, incorporating images as of Rihanna’s bloodied, post-beating face in an effort to stunt the upcoming event.

No legal action against the protesters has been noted...

Apparently the overseas crowd is not as willing to forgive Brown like people in the States have. This is not the first time he’s faced protest relating to his abusive slip up.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, a London store was raided by similar protesters in a mission to dissuade viewers from buying his new album Fortune. The stickered message, “Warning - Do not buy this album! This man beats women” read on album copies for shoppers to see. 

The previous incident also came at the height of rumors that Brown and RiRi were on the road to recovery and could be on the verge of getting back together. They got similar tattoos and were acting suspiciously friendly in public meetings…

Since then, both musicians have appeared on interviews—Rihanna on Andy Cohen and Chris on Power 106FM—shooting down rumors that they were a couple again. This, of course, after Brown publicly admitted that he was in love with both ex-Karrueche Tran and RiRi…

It’s a confusing game of who likes who love scramble…But even amongst the relationship chaos, one thing is certain: It’ll be a long time before domestic violence activists scratch Chris’ name off their sh*tlists.


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