Rihanna Wants to Play Whitney Houston In a Biopic

April 2, 2012 By:
Rihanna Wants to Play Whitney Houston In a Biopic

Rihanna is putting it out there—if there’s ever an opportunity for her to take on the role of Whitney Houston, she’s ready.

Rihanna, 24, opened up to The Press Association, saying she shares a special attachment to the late singer.

"My first song that I remember falling in love with was a Whitney Houston song: 'I Will Always Love You,'" Rihanna said. "It was really inspiring, and it made me develop a passion for music, so really, she's partly responsible for me being here in this industry."

Whitney Houston is up in heaven saying, “don’t put that on me!”

Just kidding, we love you Riri. People call you Riri, right?

Say what you will about Rihanna, but as hard as she parties, she works harder. And she’s willing to devote all of her time to the potential Whitney role.

"That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do, because I would really want to pull it off," Rihanna told reporters. "That's a huge, huge role and whoever does it has to do a good job."

So what experience does she have? Well, Rihanna is about to make her big screen debut. Next month, you can see the singer in Battleship, alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker.

After Whitney’s tragic death, rumors surfaced that music exec Clive Davis was working on trying to get a biopic made. Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks were rumored to be on the list of contenders for the role. Either way, Clive has since denied the rumors, with his rep saying: “There is no truth to this. Clive is not putting together a biopic.”