Rihanna Splurges On Art

February 21, 2008 By:
Rihanna Splurges On Art

It's official, we're obsessed with Rihanna! Unless she starts partying with Britney and Paris without panties, the girl can do no wrong in our eyes.

Rihanna, who turned 20 yesterday(Pisces Rock!), treated herself to seven Todd Goldman paintings at Jack Gallery in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

“Half of the paintings are going to her house in L.A. and half to her apartment in NYC,” according to Just Jared.

What else did the R&B princess pick up? “Goodbye Kitty in a Microwave,” “Gold Digger Like a Hooker Just Smarter,” “My Mom Says Not to Run Scissors,” “Barbie is a Slut,” “A Salt with a Deadly Weapon,” and “Smurf Blue Balls.”