Rihanna Spends $1500 at a Sex Shop

October 24, 2011 By:
Rihanna Spends $1500 at a Sex Shop

Rihanna wasn't kidding about the whole "chains and whips excite me" thing, she just dropped $1,500 in a sex shop in Paris last week.

Rihanna apparently made a 5-minute pit stop at Lovestore and apparently was very speedy in the visit because she already knew what she wanted to buy.

"She knew exactly what she was after and didn't want any assistance picking out items," a source tells The Sun.

How can you know exactly what you want and spend that much money that quickly? I need several hot pink rubber handcuffs and two dozen condoms that smell like licorice and I need it ASAP.

Apparently she picked out toys, handcuffs, scented candles, lingerie, leather handcuffs and bath-oils. She made her purchases in record speed and ran outside to her getaway vehicle, "A blacked-out car parked on the pavement right outside the shop and Rihanna swept inside."

However, don't think she was embarrassed to be caught in a sex shop, this is Rihanna we are talking about, aka the good girl gone bad. Remember when we thought "Umbrella" was a suggestive song? Lol, those were the days.

"There was no dithering. She was grinning from ear to ear and seemed to be in a hurry to get back to her hotel" adds the source.

As she the left the store she was carrying the X-rated book "Omahyra & Boyd" by the photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and contains some pretty graphic images.

Though don't think Rihanna was going home alone with her new purchases. Rihanna newest squeeze, Dudley O'Shaughnessy is the dude who plays her love interest in the "We Found Love" video, he's also a model and a former boxer and now he's Rihanna's boy toy, I mean sex toy, no I mean, boy toy.

Dudley is apparently joining her on tour in Germany and Belgium. The couple met when Rihanna hand picked him for the "We Found Love" video. "Rihanna was making no secret that she fancied the pants off Dudley. They hit if off straight away." says a source. That's probably true, but when Rihanna tells a guy "I want you" do you really think he'd say "no"?

Though Rihanna is not afraid to get caught shopping at an "adult" store. In March, she bought two bags worth of purchases from The Tool Shed in Sydney, Australia. Very clever name there, I almost thought Rihanna was shopping at the Australian version of the Home Depot. Then in May she went to another Parisian sex shop called Toys Me where she shopped for a vibrator and took photos with fans showing zero shame. Then in July , she went to Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium in Canada with her ex, Drake.