Rihanna So Hungover After Birthday She Couldn't Perform

February 21, 2012 By:
Rihanna So Hungover After Birthday She Couldn't Perform

Rihanna got so hammered last night that she shows up to rehearsals today and couldn’t remember anything. I’m actually surprised that this is only the first time that this has happened.

Rihanna celebrated her actual 24th birthday yesterday in London and flew out her best gal pals so they could get schwasted.

According to the Daily Mirror, Rihanna and her friends blew through four bottles of tequila and “striped down to their bikinis and ended up dancing around in a full bath of water.” Wait, why is this surprising behavior? Where else would you go in a bikini if not a pool of water? Whatever.

“Rihannas birthday was carnage,” adds the source, “They were downing shots and went through four bottles of Patron tequila. A massive birthday cake was presented to Rihanna and the room was filled with red roses.”

However, the next day Rihanna experienced the real life version of “The Hangover” minus Bradley Cooper, or anything else really.

“Rihanna turned up to rehearsals really, really late. She didn’t do any singing or dancing whatsoever. She literally stood on the stage like a zombie,” the source tells The Daily Mirror.

Rihanna apparently showed up in Hangover-outfit, aka all black, dark glasses, scarf. She did hire a private chef to make her breakfast and for whatever reason, this newspaper has revealed that her private hotel room was “filled with purple flowers, candles and oreo cookies.” Nothing like oreo cookies to work off a hangover…what?

Anyways, Rihanna was a hot mess during rehearsals the next day, “She made all of her dancers, about 50 of them, dance around her and she stood there looking like she’d been dug up.”

Hey Rihanna, I don’t know if this happens in Hollywood or if you’ve heard of it, but there’s this thing called “getting older” which means you can’t handle drinking like you’ve got a fake ID anymore, four bottles of tequila just doesn’t make sense when you aren’t 19, have you heard of this thing called red wine? Think about it.