Rihanna: Size Matters!

November 20, 2009 By:
Rihanna: Size Matters!

Rihanna went from not giving a single interview to being an open book in nine months. The singer, who spoke out against Chris Brown and domestic violence recently admits that she's not really dating right now, but when the time comes--he better be well endowed.

When asked what a guy needed to impress her, she quipped to German magazine Bravo: “He has to be good in bed and the size matters. You know what I mean?

"The inner beauty counts as well, but without a toy it doesn’t make it fun. Right now I don’t want to have a serious relationship, I want to have fun.”

Don't expect her to make a public appearance with a new man anytime soon because she's just enjoying being single at the moment.

She said: “I love flirting at the moment. I’m single and I’m enjoying my freedom. But I don’t give my phone number out that often. But if I’m dating, I check the boy from the top to the bottom.”

Rihanna's been linked to a few different men since her split from Chris, but she seems way too busy with her music career to date seriously right now. When the time is right, who would you love to see Rihanna date?