Rihanna Sending Sexts To Robert Pattinson?

August 24, 2012 By:
Rihanna Sending Sexts To Robert Pattinson?

Since Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought after bachelors in Hollywood, it only makes sense that Rihanna would be trying to scoop up Kristen Stewart's leftovers.

How do R-Patz and RiRi even know each other? Because everyone in Hollywood knows everyone else, but also, this: “They’ve met several times at awards bashes over the years,” a friend of Rihanna’s told OK! Magazine.

These two are somewhat acquainted and Rihanna realized that Chris Brown is never going to leave his girlfriend whats-her-face so Rihanna has reportedly taken to sending Rob sexy, flirty texts.

“She got Rob’s phone number from a mutual friend and has been sending him sexy, funny texts to cheer him up,” says the source.

Apparently, Rob started receiving the texts and thought they were a joke. I don’t blame him, I’m having a hard time believing this story as I type it, mostly because if Rihanna’s texts are anything like her tweets, they are impossible to understand.

Then again, Rihanna did go on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and basically announced that her va-jay-jay had a “for-rent” sign up, so I actually totally believe she would vulture-swoop in on lonely R-Patz.

“Rihanna would love to meet up with him. And Rob’s friends keep telling him he has to start enjoying life again. What better person to help cheer him up than Rihanna?”

Uhh, like anyone else!

“RiRi thinks he’s very cute, but nothing ever came of it because he was attached to Kristen – and it’s not her style to steal someone else’s man,” adds the source.

Not her style to steal someone’s man? But apparently stealing back Chris Brown from his girlfriend is fair game? Whatever.

I really hope this doesn’t happen. Also, Katy Perry reportedly wanted to hook up with Pattinson before she took a detour into John Mayer’s love nest and last time I checked Rihanna and Katy Perry were really good friends so this goes against the girl-code of not crushing on the same guy.

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