Rihanna’s Newest Hand Tattoo Is Insane

October 30, 2013 By:
Rihanna’s Newest Hand Tattoo Is Insane
Image By: Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, Rihanna got a tribal tattoo in New Zealand all over her hand.

The tattoo was inked with a chisel, mallet and ink pigment.

The result is well...what you’d expect from a tattoo that was hammered into someone's hand.

Rihanna decided she didn’t like that tattoo (the one on the left) and got it covered up by celeb tat artist Bang Bang to look more like a henna tattoo.

It took two tattoo artists and five hours and in the end Rihanna emerged with THIS (photo on the right).

No offense to the ancient art of tribal and henna tattooing, but Rihanna’s hand looks like she has a skin disorder. Like scurvy or something.

Rihanna is apparently super pleased with the ink, but fans on Instagram aren’t impressed.

“Smh, she should just laser it off completely,” said coxiness.

“Thts the most stupid’s hand tattoo I ever seen,” said scissor_handz

“Love rihanna…but ugly tat boo,” said tov_a

Well, thank God for lasers, right?