Rihanna Released from Hospital

February 10, 2009 By:
Rihanna Released from Hospital

Rihanna was officially released from Cedars-Sinai hospital late Monday night following an altercation with her boyfriend Chris Brown this past weekend.

Security guards cleared the way for her as she left through the back door in order to avoid the shutterbugs that have been camped outside the hospital waiting to snap photos of her alleged injuries.

Police officers at the scene said that Rihanna had sustained trauma to her face and body, including contusions, swelling, bruising, a bloodied nose, and bite marks all over her arms.

Understandably, she's canceled all upcoming appearances and shows including her upcoming sold-out concert in Malaysia.

Pineapple Concerts managing director Razman Razali says in a statement: "In light of recent events involving Rihanna, (William Morris Agency) will confirm within two weeks from now on a replacement date to be mutually agreed (upon by the organizer and the singer's team). We sincerely regret this unavoidable shift in schedule and apologize to the fans for any inconvenience caused."

Meanwhile, we hear that while Chris Brown has fled to his hometown in Tappahannock, Virginia, Rihanna's parents are making arrangements for her to head back to Barbados to stay with the family while she recovers.

It's so difficult to swallow all this. It's so tragic that a lover’s quarrel resulted in someone being hospitalized, and quite possibly traumatized for life.