Rihanna on Matt Kemp: It's Nothing Too Serious

April 8, 2010 By:
Rihanna on Matt Kemp: It's Nothing Too Serious

So much for those wedding rumors! Rihanna confirmed that she's dating LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp, but added that it's "nothing too serious." Ouch!

RiRi was a special guest star today on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM morning show and when asked about Matt, she said, "Ummm...he's my boyfriend. It's new and it's fun and it's nothing too serious."

She added, "I don't want anything that's going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way. I just want to have fun and that's what it's about."

There were rumors on the net that things were getting so serious between them, Matt was going to pop the question soon. But Rihanna just squashed those with her "it's nothing too serious" comment.

Do you think RiRi and Matt will last? Or is it just going to be a summer fling? Tell us your thoughts!