Rihanna: My Pool Boy Sees Me Naked

November 21, 2009 By:
Rihanna: My Pool Boy Sees Me Naked

Rihanna seems like a girl who is very comfortable in her own skin. And this especially goes for when she’s relaxing at home! Rihanna admits she loves to sunbathe—in the buff—when she thinks no one will come knocking on her door.

But with her crazy hectic schedule, Rihanna sometimes forgets what day it is! She says, "To be honest, I'm even hotter at home, because I´m always naked there. I'm from Barbados, that's quite normal there. My pool boy saw me naked five times already.”

"At first it was so embarrassing. I always forget when he comes. I'm so confused when I have a day off, I usually sleep until noon and when I wake up, I don’t even know what day it is.

"But he's used to this view now. I even told my assistant to text me when he comes to say, 'Rihanna get dressed, the pool boy is here.' "

We’re sure that guy just loves checking up on her pool! But despite walking around naked in her own home, Rihanna says she sometimes feels self-conscious just like everybody else. She says, "Some days I just feel fat, bloated and b***hy. Those are my ugly days."

Well, we can assure her that it’s all in her head!