Rihanna 'Mortified' Over Leaked Naked Photos

April 6, 2011 By:
Rihanna 'Mortified' Over Leaked Naked Photos

Rihanna, the same girl who openly admits she enjoys being "tied up and spanked", says she was "mortified" when she found out there were naked photos of herself online.

After receiving the news via text at an airport, Rihanna says, "I could barely stand. I went to the first bathroom I saw and just sat in the stall with the door open."

I know if I was embarrassed over people seeing me in a very private situation, the first thing I'd do is sit on a toilet with the stall door open.

"People kept coming in and staring at me sitting on the toilet bowl. I was mortified. I didn't even want to leave the airport," Rihanna said.

This is a little ironic, isn't it? When people approached her asking what was wrong, she might as well have said, "there are naked pictures of me! See?!" and then logged them onto the website.

Regarding taking the naked photos, Rihanna said, "When you're not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing. When you're alone, and those horny moments come up, pictures can be very handy."

Why is it always about "horny moments" and being "tied up" and basically bending her bare ass over on the cover of Rolling Stone? I love Rihanna as much as the next person, but she seriously needs to get laid.