Rihanna Misses The Good Ol' Days

May 7, 2008 By:
Rihanna Misses The Good Ol' Days

says she loves the showbiz world and the fame but she doesn't like 'Tad Hamiltoning' it all the time.

She says that she hates pretending to be a "bubbly person" all the time, especially when she feels miserable inside.

She says, "I love what I do but, yes, this stuff does start to take its toll on you. Sometimes you get really miserable and on the edge, but people don't know why you're acting like that.

"You always want to be kind to people, so you're forced to be a bubbly person, but, to be honest, sometimes I'd just like to sit in a corner by myself and be quiet."

Can you imagine having to smile all the time? That would hurt! The one minute you get caught frowning, everyone starts calling you a bitter bitch. But like they say, that's the price you pay for fame, right?