Rihanna Might Actually Be Dating A$AP Rocky

December 18, 2013 By:
Rihanna Might Actually Be Dating A$AP Rocky
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For the past year, we’ve heard rumors that Rihanna is dating her former tour mate A$AP Rocky.

Sometimes rumors are just that, and other times a persistent celebrity rumor is rooted in some truth.

Last night Rihanna was spotted having dinner with A$AP, Rita Ora and strangely enough, Kate Upton at SoHo House in NYC.

According to onlookers, Rihanna never left his side.

Another source told the New York Post, “They were playing pool and hanging by the stairwell. They weren't kissing or anything, but they were looking very friendly.”

Hmmm, maybe they ARE just friends. SoHo House is a members-only club and nobody can take photos while inside. So aside from the few stories that leak about the club, Rihanna should feel her privacy is maintained while there and shouldn’t feel like she has to refrain from being overly PDA-y if she IS dating A$AP.