Rihanna Meets That Cute Little Girl That Sang "Super Bass"

November 23, 2011 By:
Rihanna Meets That Cute Little Girl That Sang

Oh! It's the lady that grabs her bottom in that music video my dad watches over and over!

Remember Sophie Grace, the adorable little British girl that sang Nicki Minaj's Super Bass in a YouTube video that went viral? Of course you do. Well, she and her hype girl, Rosie, are apparently regulars on The Ellen Show now. Last time they appeared on the show, they got to meet Minaj, and if that wasn't enough, Ellen invited them back to meet Rihanna.

After Sophie and Rosie sang an Adele song, Rolling In The Deep, Ellen had them wait backstage, where Rihanna met them, accompanied by a huge group of bodyguards. Well, bodyguards and her entourage. Not sure why the bodyguards were there, maybe they were afraid one of the kids was gonna throw a Cheerio in RiRi's face or something. But anyway, Rihanna picked them up and hugged them, asking if they could all be BFFs.

At this point, I'm surprised Rihanna didn’t ask, "So…you gals got any older brothers?"

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Rihanna then gushed, "Oh my gosh, I could just steal them," before planting a big kiss on Rosie's cheek.

After showing the audience this clip, Ellen asked them what it was like to meet yet another pop star. Rosie responded by calling her pal "a sack of potatoes." Diva behavior already?

Ellen was confused. But Sophie wasn't offended. She explained:

"She means, like, when Rihanna picked me and Rosie up, she’s done well to pick me up, because Rosie’s light, but I’m like a sack of potatoes!"

"That's a saying in England. They call me a sack of potatoes. Because I'm heavy."

"And I'm a teeny-weeny mouse," Rosie added. Yeah, keep bragging, sister. But trust me, puberty's a b-tch.

Anyway, I'm just glad these girls didn’t learn the lyrics to S&M.

Meanwhile, when she's not making little girls' dreams come true, Rihanna has had an insanely busy year. And she's added yet another project to her list.

Rihanna is collaborating with Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear. Her limited line is set to hit stores in December and features two t-shirts, two jeans, a black leather jacket and a bag. The underwear line consists of lace underwear sets in both cobalt blue and pearl gray.