Rihanna: I Smiled Myself to Sleep After GMA Interview

November 19, 2009 By:
Rihanna: I Smiled Myself to Sleep After GMA Interview

Rihanna spoke out about her attack for the first time a couple of weeks ago. And in a new interview that aired today on the Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta, she says it was the best thing she ever did for herself.

Rihanna has been through a hell of a last few months, and she says opening up and letting people know how she was doing felt amazing. She said, “I smiled myself to sleep. It was the best feeling. I drank some red wine, and just smiled myself to sleep. It felt so good.”

“Not only did I get it off my chest, but now all these little girls and young women can hear my story and hopefully have a positive influence on them.”

Rihanna also says she knew she had to be 100% honest with Diane during the interview. “I knew I did the right thing,” she said. “I expected people to come back and say dumb stuff and make up crazy stories, but I wasn’t worried about that. I wasn’t concerned with that because I’m saving lives, so say what you want.”

When it comes to moving on, Rihanna says she’s focusing solely on herself, though she misses Chris Brown sometimes. She says, “There are a lot of reminders, a lot of hotel rooms, a lot of places we’ve been to together, music…there are different things that come up that just are reminders of your ex.”

But surprisingly, when Rihanna hears one of Chris’ songs on the radio, she doesn’t turn it off! “When it comes on on the radio, I don’t turn it off.” she said. “I like his music.”

Wow! Rihanna really must be in a good place to be able to do that! She’s such a strong woman, and such a great role model. It’s like she’s bouncing back even better than she was before!