Rihanna Gets the Party Started in L.A.

March 19, 2009 By:
Rihanna Gets the Party Started in L.A.

Rihanna is back in L.A. and clearly enjoying the break she's taking from Chris Brown. Rihanna stopped by Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood last night with four girlfriends and partied for over three hours.

She was escorted into the nightclub through the back entrance and was taken into the clubs special VIP section so she could enjoy privacy with her friends.

Witnesses say she seemed like she was having a really good time and was smiling.

Sometime after 2am Rihanna left with her crew, but had another run in with the law. But this time it was her driver who had to answer to police.

The black SUV she was being driven around in got pulled over by LAPD for tinted windows and for not having a front license plate. You would think the cop would agree to exchange the ticket for an autograph, especially in L.A., but no such thing.

Now that RiRi is 21, she's hitting the partying circuit, club hopping from New York to L.A., but could we blame her? Sometimes girls just want to have fun.