Rihanna DGAF, Wears Nightgown to World Cup

July 9, 2014 By:
Rihanna DGAF, Wears Nightgown to World Cup
Image By: FameFlyNet

Gotta love RiRi. Homegurl showed up at the World Cup yesterday in the same outfit she slept in. All things considered, it was probably a nighty slip made of the finest satin, designed by Marc Jacobs or whomever, with a price tag equivalent to your rent. But in the words of Rihanna when she got dressed for the occasion: WHATEVER~~

Honestly, who else BUT HER could get away with this?


Answer: nobody.


She just threw on a jean jacket,


tossed on some Chucks,


tucked her fist right under her elbow there,


and girl, she was ready to go.


GONER. A true Brazil vs. Germany domination in the style department.


The real winner of the 2014 World Cup? Rihanna rocking a nightgown in public.