Rihanna Crushed She Missed BFF Katy Perry's Wedding

October 28, 2010 By:
Rihanna Crushed She Missed BFF Katy Perry's Wedding

Rihanna was a no-show at her BFF Katy Perry’s wedding last weekend, and she’s speaking up about her excuse!

In a new interview with Extra, Rihanna says her album was the reason for her absence.

Rihanna a No Show to Katy Perry's Wedding

“I was crushed, was really looking forward to it, Rihanna said.

She added, "The album is coming out in two weeks, and I had to be available for a lot of approvals. We couldn't get any phone service or Internet service over there.”

But there’s one thing Rihanna is proud of: “I was glad I could throw her a bachelorette party."

Katy Perry and Rihanna Get Wild in Sin City

"I was really looking forward to it – but she understood, thank god.
It would have been a little bit irresponsible [to go to the wedding]," she said. "But at least she understood.

As for her album Loud, Rihanna says she’s looking forward to the release.

"I just wanted to make some really good songs – fun songs that I wanted to hear," she says of its sound. "The overall sound of it is really true to what people know Rihanna for, and that's exciting."

Any Rihanna music is great in our books! We’re glad there’s no beef with the ladies!