Rihanna and Chris Brown Broke-Up, Apparently

April 9, 2013 By:
Rihanna and Chris Brown Broke-Up, Apparently

Somehow, without anyone noticing, Chris Brown and Rihanna broke-up.

Wait, really? Just last week Chris said in like, 100 radio interviews that they were soul mates and that he trusts her when she’s away on tour!? According to TMZ’s sources (who are pretty good sources, we must admit) the terrible twosome have ended things…for now.

“It’s nothing out of the ordinary for the on-again off-again couple. Chris and Rihanna break up like this on a regular basis,” according to the RiRi source.

We actually speculated on this yesterday, because their weekend plans didn’t include each other.

Rihanna has been on tour for weeks so, she and Chris haven’t seen each other. Rihanna finally touched down in LA this past weekend, so you would assume they would want to hang out together? Right? Wrong.

Chris partied without Rihanna on Saturday night and Rihanna went to a Lakers game on Sunday afternoon solo. Sunday night, Rihanna partied at Greystone Manor without Chris as well.

E! News also confirmed the split, saying that Rihanna still “loves” Chris, but needs to focus on her career, specifically she wants to launch a new perfume and continue with her ongoing fashion campaigns.

Well this is sad. Just last week we listened to a Chris Brown interview where he claimed that he and Rihanna never stopped loving each other but the timing wasn’t right so they continued to hold out and hope that if their love was real, they’d find a way back to each other. It was some real Nicholas Sparks sh*t, we really hoped it was real.