Rihanna Being Paid $8 Million To Push A Button

October 17, 2012 By:
Rihanna Being Paid $8 Million To Push A Button

One of the perks of being a celebrity is getting paid a lot of money to essentially do nothing. For example: Britney Spears’ $15 million “X-Factor” deal – her only obligation is to sit still and nod her head. Or Kim Kardashian’s ridiculous six figure “appearance fees” just so she can go to a club and make duck kissy faces at the camera.

Anyways, Rihanna is the latest celeb to get a ridiculous paycheck to do something simple.

Rihanna will receive £5 million (roughly $8 million US dollars) to turn the lights on a Christmas tree at a London shopping center.

Ok, so she’ll play a small concert set as well, but still, she’s flipping the switch on some twinkle lights, people!

RiRi will kick off the holiday season with her Christmas stunt in Stratford, East London, near the Olympic park.

Apparently the city has a lot of extra cash thanks to the increase in revenue after the Olympics, so instead of stimulating the economy with that money they want to give it Rihanna. Great choice UK, glad to see LA isn’t the only place grossly obsessed with celebrities.

They are still working on the contract, but a source told The Sun, “Rihanna’s thrilled. She knows it’s a big deal and is totally up for it – if it fits in with her schedule.”

The shopping center reportedly will give Rihanna whatever fee she asks for, as they expect “200,000 people to swamp the park.”