Rihanna Attacked By Angry Man Over Chris Brown

February 18, 2013 By:
Rihanna Attacked By Angry Man Over Chris Brown

Rihanna has reportedly found herself on the receiving end of more abuse. This time, it was not Chris Brown’s fault… at least, not directly.

According to a new report, Rihanna met head-on with a guy angry over news that she had gotten back together with her previously estranged boyfriend who infamously beat her in 2009. And this fine, clear-thinking fellow conveyed his frustration by doing the exact same thing that he was pissed about in the first place. 

The “Stay” singer was attacked by a distraught fan while clubbing in London on Friday night. The chump reportedly threw a bottle of Lucozade—which, according to Gawker, is just the British version of Gatorade—at RiRi.

While the scuff didn’t even begin to touch what Breezy McTemper Tantrum did in ’09, the bottle-chuck caused the singer to stumble, fall and scrape her knee. All the while, the fan—equal parts confused and crazed—was yelling things about Brown in a tone that you’d expect would come from someone who thought that any of this was a good idea to begin with.

MediaTakeOut.com broke the story. Photos post-altercation show Rihanna with a minor amount of blood on her knee that she is tending to. She was otherwise unharmed. 

The outlet reports that Rihanna’s bodyguard went after the attacker, but injured his leg in the process. He was taken to a local hospital.

In case you missed the point of this post: Domestic abuse is NOT cured by more domestic abuse. 

Apparently Chris is "hurt" that Rihanna was injured in response to his previous actions.