Rihanna and Chris Brown Want Court Protection Order Lifted

June 26, 2009 By:
Rihanna and Chris Brown Want Court Protection Order Lifted

Looks like Rihanna and Chris Brown are making steps towards patching up their relationship. The two want a court-summoned protection order that prevents them from contacting each other removed.

Don’t get any ideas. Rihanna and Chris are not getting back together. But they are focusing on being friends again. They apparently believe the protection order is unnecessary since they’ve already broke the terms of the order by talking on the phone.

A source close to the pair tells the New York Daily News, "They think it's unnecessary and ridiculous. After (the court proceeding) Ri and Chris talked on the phone for almost an hour and really worked at becoming friends. They're solid now."

The source insists Rihanna and Chris aren’t getting back together. "That's 100 per cent done. They aren't looking to hook back up again. They're both moving on and going their separate ways."

These two continue to baffle us. But all is said and done now, and Chris isn’t going to jail, so if Rihanna wants to make the decision to have contact with him, so be it! We think it may be a little early for friendship at this stage, but coming from them, it doesn’t surprise at one bit.