Rihanna and Chris Brown Spark Engagement Rumors

February 11, 2013 By:
Rihanna and Chris Brown Spark Engagement Rumors
Image By: Landov

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s appearance at the Grammys yesterday was basically their big coming-out moment as a couple, but what’s more, they might be engaged.

Rihanna’s red carpet ensemble consisted of three rings on her left hand. All the rings were covered in diamonds, as was the giant bling on her engagement finger.

Rihanna kept the ring bling on during her performance of “Stay” which is a song about Chris Brown. Did you catch the line, “He said, ‘if you dare, come a little closer,’” which is a not-so-subtle reference to when Chris gave her a black eye. Deep stuff. 

When RiRi returned to the stage for the Bob Marley tribute she stripped off all her jewelry EXCEPT for a simple diamond ring on her engagement finger. Errr, okay?

Also, was anyone else irked that they decided to parade around their PDA at the Grammys, the very same place that Chris punched Rihanna four years ago?

Twitter went OFF last night with fans who noticed the ring speaking out.

It should be noted that Chris and Rihanna walked the red carpet separately, because they thought it would be respectful (to the people who hate Chris, I guess?) but once they got inside they snuggled up and posed for photos like a couple of lovebirds.

We reached out for comment but did not hear back by press time.