Report: Chris Brown Caught In Rihanna's Hotel Room!

June 21, 2012 By:
Report: Chris Brown Caught In Rihanna's Hotel Room!

I don’t know what kind of voodoo sex birthday cake Rihanna’s dishing out, but Chris Brown can’t stay away.

Life & Style is reporting that on the night of June 11 (3 days before Drake and Chris’s now infamous bar brawl, Chris was spotted sneaking into Rihanna’s hotel room after a night out at NYC club Avenue.

“Chris snuck in through the side door at the Ganesvort Hotel super late at night and went to Rihanna’s room,” a source told life & Style, “They’re seeing each other. She’s obsessed with him.”

I wonder how Karrueche Tran feels about this? Karrueche is supposed to be Chris’ girlfriend, but right now, she's appearing more like his sidepiece.

Actually, Karrueche might be okay being Chris’ sloppy seconds.

A source tells, “[Karrueche] knows where she stands and what her place in Chris’ life [is] and she’s fine with that. She will take what she’s given, but we all know Rihanna will always be number 1 to him. [Karrueche] knows this and she’s cool with that.”

How badly do you have to hate yourself to willingly be Chris Brown’s #2 girl? I mean, why would you even want to be his first choice!?

The Life & Style source also adds that Chris and Rihanna are “texting all the time.”

We're reached out to reps for Rihanna and Chris Brown for comment but nothing yet.

And just to further complicate everything, Rihanna is locking lips with another dude!

To be fair, Rihanna was assaulted by an adoring fan on her way into a recording studio in London, England he planted a wet one on the unsuspecting star.

After the surprise kiss assault, Rihanna looked pissed off. Hey, if Chris has Karrueche then Rihanna can kiss it up with this random fan. it's called equal opportunity cheating.