Lil Kim Understands Rihanna's Decision to Forgive Chris

March 11, 2009 By:
Lil Kim Understands Rihanna's Decision to Forgive Chris

While some fans may have been upset with Rihanna for taking Chris Brown back, her friend Lil Kim understands why she did it.

Kim confessed that she's been in an abusive relationship in the past and found it very difficult to break the cycle and be on her own.

She explains, “In the beginning, yes I did go back… (but) I learned that if it’s continued abusive, you just can’t stay there.

"When guys are young, they make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, but, if they do it more than once, then it’s definitely a habit.”

While we don't condone any kind of abusive behavior, sources involved in the Chris Brown/Rihanna investigation tell Hollyscoop that in the past Rihanna has allegedly hit Chris.

Clearly, these two have a volatile relationship, and should seek some sort of counseling if they're serious about making their relationship work.

Kim admits she has yet to speak to Rihanna about what happened during her altercation with Brown, and has been left in the dark in regards to the details of the night.

“I don’t condone it, but we weren’t there. I can’t judge the situation,” adds Lil Kim.

Meanwhile, sources say Rihanna hasn't been seen in public because she feels humiliated over the leaked photo of her bruised face, “She’s embarrassed she got beaten up, that the photo of her battered face has been seen by everyone. It’s a hard time for her on many fronts,” added the source.

Rihanna is said to be back in the studio working on some music, which can probably be therapeutic for her. We wish her the best, not only did she suffer a setback in her personal and professional life, the entire world watched it unfold.