Leukemia Patient's Mom Accuses Rihanna of PR Stunt

March 1, 2010 By:
Leukemia Patient's Mom Accuses Rihanna of PR Stunt

Last month, 6-year-old Jasmina Anema passed away from leukemia. During her battle, she caught the attention of Rihanna, whom she was a huge fan of.

Rihanna visited little Jasmina numerous times in the hospital, helped to raise money for her medical bills, and used her notoriety to seek a bone marrow transplant for her.

But since Jasmina’s passing on January 28th, the girl’s mother says she hasn’t heard from Rihanna. In fact, a tweet was posted from the account ONEFORJASMINA read today, "It has been a month since Jasmina's passing. Still not even a card or text message from Rihanna. Did she use my child for a publicity stunt?"

The post has since been removed, but it was retweeted by dozens of other Twitter followers. A new post reads: "Apparently there are some negative blogs out there. For the record, Rihanna has been nothing but really nice!!!"

So what does Jasmina’s mother Thea Amina really think about Rihanna? She denies even writing the post to People. "Friends have helped me with all kinds of stuff and many know the passwords to my personal e-mail, the Caringbridge site and also Twitter," Anema says. "Although I did not Tweet this particular one, I do wish that Rihanna had responded to me on Jasmina's passing. It would have meant the world to me."

Though that may seem a little harsh, given how much Rihanna cared for her, Thea does seem to see the whole picture. "Jasmina adored her," she continues. "Rihanna was so kind to come and visit her. I just felt hurt not hearing anything from her. Or of any other celebrities for that matter. The only ones who reached out to me personally during this time of grief were the Obamas."

Do you think Jasmina’s mother (and friends that tweeted the post) is justified in calling out Rihanna? Or should she have contacted the mother after being so involved with her daughter? Tell us your thoughts!