KFC Wants Rihanna Back

May 17, 2008 By:
KFC Wants Rihanna Back

Rihanna and Chris Brown made headlines last week when they were caught playing tonsil hockey at a KFC restaurant in Miami.

The chain's chief marketing officer, James O'Reilly, was sooooo excited to find out the singer was a KFC fan, he sent her the following letter:

"Clearly, like our founder Colonel Sanders, you two know how to kick it up a few degrees. We could feel the heat - literally - in our restaurant that night. So much so that we'd like to invite you and Chris back to any KFC for a free meal." If they repeat their performance, he promises, "We'll make a donation to your charity, Believe, which helps underprivileged children."

Free food and charity donation? Can't go wrong there.