Katy Perry Shoots Down Rihanna Fallout Rumors

February 21, 2013 By:
Katy Perry Shoots Down Rihanna Fallout Rumors
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A few sleepovers ago, Rihanna was the fiery red weave to Katy Perry's neon blue wig. During such an enviable hang out sesh, they'd rent a scary movie from the '80s, eat refrigerated cookie dough, prank Snapchat their classmates, and dish about da b0iz.

Then when Rihanna up and reconciled with one of dem b0iz in particular (cough, Chris Brown), there were rumors Katy was over and done with their BFFriendship.

No more sharing nail polishes, no more spontaneous karaoke sing-alongs every time TLC's "No Scrubs" came on the radio during random drives to Dairy Queen.

Well, despite those murmurs, it turns out they may have been braiding each other's fake hair all along.

Today Katy tweeted, "HAPPIEST 25TH BIRTHDAY to my baby girl @rihanna. I wish I could b there drinking Mai-Tais & telling haters to eat a dick w/u!" Finally, we know where Katy stands in this Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantless with the sultry singer.

It appears that on this blessed day of RiRi's birth, all is drama-free.

Well, not exactly. Rihanna quick to provoke a few buttons with a #throwbackthursday photo of her with Chris Brown celebrating her 20th five years ago. Is she feeling happy on her birthday and back with Chris? Or is she feeling sad and wishing he were there to celebrate? Regardless, sounds like she's saying she is going to have her cake, cake, cake and eat it too. Or saying that it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.