Katy Perry & Rihanna Named 'Most Cheat-Worthy' Celebs

January 18, 2012 By:
Katy Perry & Rihanna Named 'Most Cheat-Worthy' Celebs

With everything going on in the world, sometimes it's important to stop and ask yourself one important, crucial question: If you could cheat on your wife with any celeb who would it be?!

An extra-marital dating site asked 25,000 of their perverted subscribers that same question, and Katy Perry and Rihanna came in at the top. Yet another thing these musical BFFs have in common! Married men desperately want to have sex with them.

Kim Kardashian, who was number 2 last year, fell to number 9, and hotties like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Olivia Wilde didn’t even make the list. Yet Sarah Palin did.

Mila Kunis came in third, and also making the list were Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, and Blake Lively. Who needs an Oscar, Golden Globe or SAG Award when your name is on a list like this?

So that covers the ladies, what about the guys? Ryan Gosling and George Clooney topped the list of celebs women would use their "hall pass" on.

According to the sites founder Noel Biderman:

"Our annual Celebrity Hall Pass survey reflects how the revolving door of celebrity infidelity has trickled down to reach every day Americans,"

Ah yes, an important finding indeed.

"Celebrity cheating in the news has encouraged these conversations to take place and these days, partners actually do give their spouse permission to have a Celebrity Hall Pass.”

I like how this dude is making it sound like very important things in the evolution of western society are taking place. When really, this can all be paraphrased by saying: your boyfriend wants to bone Rihanna.