HS Mashup: What You Missed This Week

September 6, 2013 By:
HS Mashup: What You Missed This Week

Here they are…stories on the cusp of greatness. If they were just a degree more scandalous they would’ve received their own post, but they are still worth knowing about anyway.

Carrie Underwood took a tumble on stage. [People

Sofia Vergara also took a tumble (but not on a stage). [Daily Mail

Rihanna is RiReally into aliens. So much so, she's paying someone to enlighten her on extraterrestrial life. [Metro]

Taylor Swift was turned away from a super popular L.A. restaurant and now that restaurant will have a song written about it. [Daily Mail

Mel Gibson lost his sh*t on police again. The surprising part is that this time he was sober. [TMZ

Did you know they remade RoboCop? Apparently they did, because this trailer exists. [Too Fab

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton held hands. [E! Online