How To Impress Rihanna On a Date

November 14, 2012 By:
How To Impress Rihanna On a Date


Oh Rihanna, your dating life is just too fascinating. You claim to be chronically single, yet every photo and gossip story says that you’re doing a booty dance in Chris Brown’s lap.

Rihanna is set to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today and  dished on wanting kids, who she’s attracted to do, and what’s up with her uhmmm va-jay-jay. I’m not being pervy, she brought it up.

So the last time Rihanna went on Ellen, she revealed, “My personal life is pretty much non-existent. Which is not good for me, not for ‘her,’” and then pointed “below her belt” to what she refers to as “her.”

So Ellen, asked RiRi how she or “her” was doing and Rihanna said, “She’s having a little more fun now…Hooray for her, right!”

Congratulations Rihanna, you’re getting laid.

But when Ellen asked if she was dating anyone, Rihanna let out a “no.”

Then the talk turned to babies, as conversations with single women sometimes do (what?) and Ellen asked her, do you want kids?

“Yes,” said Rihanna, “Eventually. I mean absolutely.”

But since Rihanna can’t seem to find a man, or Chris Brown won’t lock it down, or whatever the problem is, Ellen asked if she would have kids without a man, all single-mom like?

“I would prefer to have a full family. I’m pretty sure I could handle it if I had to, on my own, but that’s not want I’m striving for.”

What an awkward question. Basically Ellen is like, what if you don’t find someone willing to raise a kid with you, what are you going to do? Anyways, moving on, let’s talk about dating.

Rihanna was grilled on what her ideal date would be.

“My favorite thing to do would just be to stay on the couch and watch TV or in the bed and watch TV,” says RiRi.

How is this girl single?!

Here's a video of Rihanna and Ellen playing a game of "Who Would You Rather?" to try and figure out what Rihanna's ideal man is.