Drake Denied Entrance to Club Because of Chris Brown

February 15, 2013 By:
Drake Denied Entrance to Club Because of Chris Brown


I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club / You can't even get in.

It's a popular lyric to "Look At Me Now" from Chris Brown, and likely the exact same thought he was thinking (and then cackling like a maniac as he does on the track since he is Chris Brown) this week when Drake couldn't get into the same club Chris was at on Wednesday night.

The rapper was denied entry by security because Chris was already there and partying with his entourage, according to an eyewitness at Playhouse Nightclub that evening.

When word of Drake's arrival reached his circle, Chris sent his security over to Playhouse's to shut the rapper out.

"Drake said he wasn't going to start any drama," an eyewitness overheard at the venue. "But once Drake was turned away, Chris and his friends left."

Is this the smartest decision Chris Brown has ever made in his life? The singer is a never-ending magnet for drama and the last time Chris and Drake were poppin' bottles within arms-length of each other it turned into a brawl. They're now suing each other over that incident, which may have been why at this time everyone involved removed themselves from the situation.

Rihanna was supposedly the reason behind that last fight and on Wednesday night she was also present at Playhouse. For unknown reasons, the on-again-off-again-to-the-side-upside-down-again couple were sitting at separate tables at opposite ends of the club that night, so who knows what kind of drama was already brewing. Probably for the best these three stay away, far away from each other if they can help it.