Doctors Order Rihanna to Stop Partying

November 2, 2011 By:
Doctors Order Rihanna to Stop Partying

Which I can only imagine she responded to by laughing maniacally, guzzling down a bottle of Rum in her Kadooment Day bikini, and slapping her butt before saying, "Sorry, doc. No can do." Sigh. I love Rihanna.

Rihanna was forced to pull out of a show in Malmo, Sweden on Monday after she was hospitalized with the flu. Her medical team is now concerned she is partying a little too hard while on tour. According to The Sun, a source said:

"Rihanna is running on empty but she's still been going out drinking and living it up. She doesn't have any down time where she can completely relax. She spends most of her time in the studio, on stage or in clubs. Doctors are worried she's overdoing it."

Rihanna is only 23, so I say, live it up while you still can. Five years from now, you're gonna be at a club, and after your first drink, you'll have to excuse yourself while you take a "power nap" in the parking lot.

"She needs to take some time off," the source continued. "Otherwise she'll be vulnerable to more illness."

On Monday, Rihanna tweeted a photo of herself with an IV drip in her arm, releasing the following statement:

"I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo. I was so excited to perform for you all. It would have been a great time. So much better than being sick with the flu, ugh. I'm really disappointed I couldn't be there."

One night later, Rihanna continued her tour in Stockholm, Sweden. She looked miserable, but she pulled through for her fans. Wrapped up in a gray wool coat, Rihanna was quickly escorted from her car by two bodyguards as she left the hospital.

Rihanna has been on tour since June, and in between touring, has been partying at nightclubs and shooting videos for her hits. So it's no surprise that she's hit a wall.

I don’t know about the partying, but the hard work is paying off. Rihanna just made music history, garnering her eleventh No. 1 hit with We Found Love. The honor makes her the fastest solo artist to chart twenty Top 10 hits. She got them in just six years and four months. That beats Madonna's record by five months. She is second only to the Beatles.