Chris Brown Went To Rihanna's Birthday Party

February 16, 2012 By:
Chris Brown Went To Rihanna's Birthday Party

Rihanna threw a small birthday party for herself on Monday at her Los Angeles home, and apparently, Chris Brown nabbed an invite.

If Rihanna has a semi-close friend that didn’t get invited, whoever they are, they’re pissed right now.

‘Katia C’, a guest at the party, Tweeted: “If Cupid was here he would be very happy everyone @Rihanna bday party was coupled up.”

Woah, what does that mean, Katia C? Tell us more!

“All I can say, CB was invited and she was acting like the happiest girl on her birthday and probably got what she asked for.”

So, if you read between the lines, it seems like that means Rihanna and Chris Brown banged on the night of her birthday. Then again, the CB could stand for another celebrity. Christian Bale? Carol Burnett? Chaz Bono?

Rihanna turns 24 on February 20 and she also reportedly invited Kelly Rowland, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Some of the party décor included mermaid vodka ice sculptures, a Caribbean banquet, Cuban cigars, and 200 cupcakes that got totally wasted:

A source told the Daily Mirror: "Rihanna and Katy had everyone going crazy. By the end of the night they started a cake fight and were dancing together while Bruno and Chris looked on open-mouthed, cheering. Ri made sure Chris was having a good time but then he kept a low profile, spending most of the night in a corner with a few pals."

So not ripping off his shirt and throwing things at windows?

"At one point Katy danced so much she broke her heels and had to leave the party bare foot,” the source continued. “Rihanna also had her own wardrobe casualty when her corset came undone but she didn't let that stop the fun."