Chris Brown: Rihanna and I are Just Friends

January 23, 2012 By:
Chris Brown: Rihanna and I are Just Friends

Last week, people were more pissed off about Chris Brown and Rihanna dating than they were about SOPA and PIPA.

‘Taking away our liberties is one thing, but Rihanna taking Chris Brown back?! I won’t stand for it!’

Well good news. Chris Brown and Rihanna aren’t dating! Oh yeah, and PIPA is shelved or something. Long story short, you can all change your Facebook profile pictures back.

Chris and Rihanna were spotted out at the same West Hollywood nightclub on Sunday night, leading everyone to believe the rumors of their rekindled romance were true.

A music industry insider claimed: "They can't get enough of each other. I don't see it ending well.”

And another source said: “Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that.”

A source close to Brown claimed, “she comes to see him anytime she’s in L.A.”

And all those reports seemed to have some validity when the two were sported visiting the same nightclub. The two left Greystone Manor separately, but were both there at the same time. However, several witnesses at the club said the two had no contact with each other. And this morning, Chris’ rep denied any dating rumors:

Brown’s rep further added that the singer was at Greystone Manor with an aspiring model named Karreuche Tran, who is Chris’ new girlfriend. The rep also added that Chris and Rihanna are just friends.

“He and Rihanna are just friends,” Brown’s rep said. “He’s not cheating.”