Chris Brown and Rihanna Spotted On Date Night

October 22, 2012 By:
Chris Brown and Rihanna Spotted On Date Night

So this Chris Brown and Rihanna thing is really happening, huh?

Chris Brown is launching a new social networking site called, “Qubeey” which sounds like a vegan protein-alternative food, but it’s more like a Chris Brown specific pinterest board.

So anyways, Breezy is launching this new website and to kick it off he had a huge launch party at Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles over the weekend and Rihanna was his coveted plus 1.

A source at the party spotted them hugging and kissing and acting like a couple. This was supposed to be Chris’ launch party, but it seemed more like date night for the couple.

“[Rihanna] had fun last night being with Chris. She loves him and anything she can do to support him she will. She wants to be by his side and show up for him and last night she did,” a source told

The source adds, “They kissed a few times and were holding hands for a minute. He made sure he claimed her and made her feel comfortable. He was a gentleman — don’t worry. He made sure he was by her side the whole night just like when they first met back in the day.”

But the source made sure to point out, “They weren’t on all that sexual tip like they were in New York. This was more PG because it was business for Chris and she was there to support him.”

I think the source is referring to their night out at Griffin nightclub in NYC a few weeks back where they reportedly hooked up in the bathroom.

Watch the video of Rihanna and Chris Brown here. There’s no PDA in this video, but they do like a cute couple. Also, the best part is near the end when Chris leaves and Rihanna completely blows off some woman trying to chat her up.