Celebrity Tattoos: Stars With Ink & Ink of Stars

June 19, 2012 By:
Celebrity Tattoos: Stars With Ink & Ink of Stars

Nothing gets people talking like a celebrity stepping out with new ink. Tattoos are as popular as ever in young Hollywood.

Rihanna tweeted a picture of her new ink. Despite the Drake and Chris Brown dramafest that’s been going down lately, her new body art did not depict either one of the rappers.

Instead, RiRi’s tat is of an Egyptian falcon.

“Falcon: a light that always shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep," she tweeted along with the close-up image.

The latest skin development is featured on the singer’s right ankle and joins a long list of other ink spotting her body, including a cross on her neck, a gun on her ribcage, and musical notes on both of her feet.

Newly engaged Miley Cyrus has been known to sport her fair share of ink as well. The country pop star has a total of 14 tattoos on her Pilates body. Some of our favs are the dreamcatcher image on her right ribcage, the “just breathe” quote under her bikini top line, and her ring tattoo on her right hand.

But, despite Miley’s ability to rock ink like a pro, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all Miley Cyrus-themed tattoos are going to be cool.

A grown man going by the name @MileyCyrusCarl on Twitter, proved his Miley fandom with a new post of a giant brown-faced Miley on his right shoulder. Unfortunately, at the same time the super fan proved his poor taste in body art is equally as spectacular.

The new ink is Carl’s 15th Miley tattoo, adding to autograph, lyrics, and song titles.

But stars have been known to make some drastic, and possibly questionable tattoo choices too. Zayn Malik of One Direction has just revealed his giant new microphone ink. Along with the image on his under-forearm is a splash on his wrist that the mic appears to have emerged from.

Hopefully these stars’ success stories will be as permanent as the ink on their skin.