5 Unapologetic Things to Expect at a Rihanna Concert

July 11, 2013 By:
5 Unapologetic Things to Expect at a Rihanna Concert

Rihanna’s been globetrotting all spring and summer on her "Diamonds" World Tour and we’re sensing a theme. Culling all the concert reports and audience tweets, here’s what you can expect from the self-proclaimed bad gal.

To be waiting three hours.

Her latest performance at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino in Monaco had guests, who paid $782 per ticket mind you, waiting for three hours on end—her latest arrival yet. It was a private gig, but her disregard for time zones extends to the rest of her arena concerts across the planet as well. Hey, at least she doesn’t discriminate.

To feel like you’re being smuggled across borders by an underground drug cartel.

Where Rihanna goes, a trail of weed smoke follows. No matter where you sit, you’ll get a contact high from someone in your vicinity. This is a RiRi concert; you're just a human mule.


Not sure what to throw together before the big event? That’s when you consult your personal shopper, Rihanna’s Instagram Page

The classical modern dance ballet stylings of 2013, better known as "twerking."

You know that full-length mirror you got at Ikea for $4? You better be standing in front of it right now and partaking in twerk practice. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Drunken stadium-sized amounts of swag.

Homegurl likes to drink a little to calm her nerves, and what? She may not have the choreography of Janet or the voice of Whitney, but she ain't sorry for it. She makes up for both with sheer swag. Everyone walks away saying she was worth the wait.