Ricky Martin: Adoption is My Next Step

December 22, 2010 By:
Ricky Martin: Adoption is My Next Step

Ricky Martin is looking to adopt--any volunteers? Ricky admits his two-year old twins Mateo and Valentino have changed his life for the better, so much so that he's now considering adopting.

He told Extra: “Adoption is beautiful – give it a try. Even though I started with surrogacy, adoption is probably my next step.”

Ricky admits he's looking forward to Christmas with his kids, but they are still too young to really appreciate what it is all about.

He added, “Now it’s not about me, it’s about my children. The holidays are for them. I guess I’ll get up early in the morning – they’re only two years old so I’m teaching them what the holidays are all about. This is really their first Christmas so let’s wait and see."

And it's not just Christmas he's celebrating, he turns 39 on Christmas Eve. When asked if he would prefer his birthday not to be so close to Christmas he said: No I don’t think about that I’ve been very lucky. I just want my children to be happy and to be healthy. And I guess that’s my wish."

Awe he's just so perfect, how can anyone not love Ricky?! I'm ready to be adopted Ricky darling!