Celebs 'Scared and Excited' For Ricky Gervais 69th Annual Golden Globes Hosting

January 15, 2012 By:
Celebs 'Scared and Excited' For Ricky Gervais 69th Annual Golden Globes Hosting

Tonight will be Ricky Gervais' third time to host the Golden Globes, and after his infamous hosting duties last year, Gervais has many celebs on edge. Will he force them out of the closet? Will he criticize their fine lines and wrinkles? Will he bring up a past drug problem?

God I hope so.

Gervais is about to take the stage at the 69th annual Golden Globes. Hollyscoop caught up with the stars at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala to see what they think of Ricky's return.

Sophia Bush told Hollyscoop she's both "scared and excited" to see how far Gervais will push the envelope.

But Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison told us Ricky's hosting doesn’t scare her a bit. Why?

"Because I don’t think he knows who I am."

Singer Estelle said last year, Ricky "made it so funny."

"I love him," Estelle told us.

Hangover star Rachel Harris told Hollyscoop:

"I hope he takes the ball and runs with it. I hope he offends everyone…he's funny."

Kelly Osbourne says a lot of Ricky's humor is an "English" thing. "I get it it.," Kelly told Hollyscoop. "I love it. All he did was point out the obvious."

And Aziz Ansari agrees: "I feel like [Ricky's hosting] has been talked about to death. It's not like he killed someone."


Seems like most celebs are fans of the comic.

Matthew Morrison told Hollyscoop, "I love him. He's very raw."

Actress Camilla Belle told us she thinks Ricky is "Very funny…He speaks a lot of the truth, and people freak out about it."

And Shameless star Shanola Hampton put it best:

"I'm excited to see who he's going to rip on."

Let the festivities begin.