Best and Worst Moments From the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

January 16, 2012 By:
Best and Worst Moments From the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Last night’s 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards was everything an awards show should be. There was a heartfelt tribute, a slew of awkward moments, an entertaining host. You really couldn’t ask for much more. Okay, maybe it could’ve done without Felicity Huffman and William H Macy’s duet.

Hollyscoop has rounded up the highlights and lowlights of the night, and we now bring you, the best and worst moments from the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards.


‘Worst’ Joke: It wasn’t bad, but it was naughty. Ricky Gervais pointed out Jodie Foster’s ‘Beaver’, and he wasn’t talking about the movie.

“I’m not supposed to mention Jodie Foster’s beaver," Ricky joked. "I haven’t seen it myself. I’ve spoken to a lot of guys here, they haven’t seen it either. That doesn’t mean it’s not any good.”

Most Underrated Actor: Idris who? Idris Elba, who starred in The Wire, won Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV for his performance in Luther. It left a lot of people wondering “who the hell is Idris Elba?”

A seriously underrated actor, that’s who.

Most Awkward Moment: When Kelsey Grammer won Best Actor in a TV Drama for Boss, he took the stage to thank his mistress-turned-housewife, Kayte Walsh. There was some golf clapping while people pretended not to have seen any episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Twitter was overloaded with Kesley Grammer/Kayte Walsh Tweets, and they weren’t pretty.

Seth Rogen

Best Joke From Someone Who Wasn’t Ricky Gervais: Seth Rogen took the stage to present alongside the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale. Seth said: “I’m Seth Rogen and I’m currently trying to conceal a massive erection.”

Kate couldn’t recover from the joke.

Most Overexposed: Every man on the planet is going to disagree with me, but Sofia Vergara. There, I said it. Maybe it was the ungodly number of Pepsi commercials, but by the time Modern Family won a Golden Globe, I was sick of seeing Sofia Vergara. Then again, I’m not a straight man with a weakness for accents.

Best Time for a Bathroom Break: Sidney Poitier’s tribute to Morgan Freeman. I’m sorry, I love Morgan Freeman, and I love Sidney Poitier, but Sidney needed a cesarean section for all those pregnant pauses.

Best Comeback: How you doin’? Matt LeBlanc won his first Golden Globe for Showtime’s comedy, Episodes. I was surprised by two things: 1) Matt LeBlanc is still on TV; and 2) He never won a Golden Globe for ‘Friends’.

Best Breakout Star: Octavia Spencer won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in The Help. Hollyscoop talked to Spencer, who is undoubtedly going to be the breakout star of 2012. She told us:

“It hasn’t been an easy road...that’s why this is so sweet.”


Most Charming: Yup, you guessed it, George Clooney. Clooney has so much fun at these awards shows, the only thing Ricky Gervais could say about him is that he’s “handsome.” You just can’t rip on Clooney! George took a jab at his bestie, Brad Pitt, by walking onstage with a cane. After the show, George said of Ricky Gervais’ hosting:

“He did a great job. I think that tonight was a much tougher gig because … there was so much buildup to it, it was almost as if, how rough can you go at that point?...I thought he handled it well.”

Most Awkward Presenting: Gerard Butler: amazing actor, terrible comedian. Gerard took the stage with Mila Kunis and tried this joke on for size:

“The only thing worse than not hearing your name as a nominee is hearing it from the host.”

And the only thing worse than that is hearing a bunch of crickets chirping in the crowd.

Most Inspirational Moment: Christopher Plummer was up for a Golden Globe for his role in Beginners, in which he played an elderly gay man dying of cancer. This prompted a bunch of anti-gay protesters to show up at the Golden Globes to do their intolerant thing. After winning the Golden Globe Award, Plummer took to the press room and said:

“Gay characters are human beings. We're all exactly the same... Gays are part of our society and have been since the Egyptians, the Greeks; it is part of the human condition. I know there's an awful lot of anti-gay feeling right now, particularly at this moment, and I abhor it."