Ricki Lake's New Show Plans To Keep It Real

July 18, 2012 By:

Hey, do you guys remember Ricki Lake?

The lead loveable girl from the OG Hairspray turned talk show hosting sweetheart -- that entertained us with her candor and won our hearts with her very public struggles with weight gain -- is coming back to daytime television!

The promo for her new show, and new super skinny persona, has just been released, and they clearly want you to know that your long lost friend has returned.

"The Ricki Lake Show" brings America's girlfriend back to TV. Covering topics that interest the modern day woman, this is a new Ricki -- reflecting where she and her audience are now in their lives. Fresh, fun, interesting talk that will cover subjects that range from parenting, weight loss, health, beauty, career, losing love and finding it again.”

So basically, it’s a talk show.

Odds are if you had a remote control in your hand any time from 1993 to 2004 you remember, and probably love Ricki. She’s very likable.

Despite her popularity, Lake opted to not renew her contract in 2004 in order to spend more time with her family. The mother of two has been making random appearances since her departure, including a crowd pleasing stint on “Dancing with the Stars.”

She also produced a movie, The Business of Being Born, about the childbirth industry.

Returning to her daytime roots, all things motherhood will probably be a central theme this time around.

“Ricki is not an expert. She's not a doctor, therapist or a super homemaker -- she's a working mom trying to figure life out, and inviting her audience along for the ride.”

Buckle up, “The (new) Ricki Lake Show” is set to premiere on September 10. Check your local listing for station information.