Ricki Lake To Host Charm School

February 5, 2009 By:
Ricki Lake To Host Charm School

That last Charm School reunion show must have done Sharon Osbourne in, because she’s no longer the host of the show! We loved how she talked to those skanky girls in uniform, but now there’s a new boss lady in town. Ricki Lake has reportedly signed on to take over responsibility as head mistress.

According to VH1, this third installment of the show will focus on taking the girls from Rock of Love and Real Chance of Love, and helping them to improve through selfless acts. That’s right! The girls are doing charity work! Ring up the local sorority chapters for ideas!

The new cast of girls will not only have to answer to Ricki, but to two deans: Alani “La La” Vasquez, who is apparently some sort of TV personality, and Stryker, who is a local radio DJ in LA.

VH1’s VP of programming couldn’t be happier about the changes occurring, saying, “We are thrilled to have Ricki spearheading this new take on Charm School. Our audience knows her, loves her and respects her. And Ricki certainly knows a thing or two about taking big, loud characters and bringing them to a place of new emotional understanding.The transformation of the women on the show is always an interesting journey to watch, and the new twist on this season should bring the entire experience to a whole new level.”

Interesting to say the least! Stay tuned for the premiere date this summer.