Celebrity Thanksgiving Horror Stories

November 22, 2012 By:
Celebrity Thanksgiving Horror Stories


We all know the general idea of Thanksgiving is to celebrate family, friends, and all the blessings we take for granted throughout the year. Basic course of action: pause, remind yourself to be blissful for AT LEAST a dinner, pass the mashed potatoes, eat, smile.

But that’s just one side of the Turkey Day table. Like any other day of the year (life), not everything always goes according to plan…even for celebrities. Hollyscoop has had the pleasure of hearing these more colorful Thanksgiving anecdotes that stars have shared with us, from eating something a little unsavory to burning down whole houses.

“Once I went to Thanksgiving at my sister’s house and I did get food poisoning,” says actress Jennifer Tilly. “But she swears it was the flu. I was like, ‘I got food poisoning and so did my husband.’ She goes, ‘No, no, the little ones were sick, you got the flu.’ That’s like somebody’s worst nightmare that people come to your house and throw up afterwards.”

“One year we were making the sweet potatoes squish with all the marshmallows and we left it under the broiler too long and it caught on fire!” says Nicole Laliberte. Sounds like a scene from the Thanksgiving version of Dinner for Schmuks!

“Well, I had food poisoning one year, that was it,” remembers talk show host Ricki Lake.

“There are a couple people in our town that burn the garages down by frying turkeys,” shares Chris Gaylor, the drummer from All American Rejects. His band mate and lead singer Tyson Ritter adds, “The new Oklahoma thing is the deep fried turkey you get it in twenty minutes, it’s like five minutes a pound and it will kill you. It will kill you!”

“[Thanksgiving] is like our Christmas at home. Christmas is when we get together and throw things at each other,” says “Trueblood” vampire Stephen Moyer, jokingly. Sounds like everyone’s!