Celeb Thanksgiving Horror Stories

November 24, 2011 By:
Celeb Thanksgiving Horror Stories

Usually we reserve horror stories for Halloween, right? But Thanksgiving provides an untapped market for truly horrible horror stories. When you combine weird aunts who only want to complain to you about holiday traffic or the 13th cat they just adopted, in-laws from Florida that can’t seem to forget that uncle Joe still owes them money from that “one night” and that fact that the Thanksgiving turkey wont fit into the oven and cousin Jenny is newly vegan and judging everyone, then how can we escape from Thanksgiving without a couple horror stories?

Here’s are the stars talking about their Thanksgiving Horror Stories.

Tyson Ritter, frontman for The All American Rejects says his Turkey Day horror story was when they almost set the house on fire.

“Oh, one time my dad deep fried a turkey and set like a whole house on fire and there was this moment where someone was running out and they’re all covered in soot and they look like a monster so I would call that horrific,” Tyson tells Hollyscoop.

Steven Moyer of Trueblood fame says he doesn’t have a Thanksgiving story because he’s British and didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but he does have his share of Christmas horror stories.

“It [Thanksgiving] is like our Christmas at home. Christmas is when we all get together and throw things at each other,” jokes Moyer.

I hope he’s joking, otherwise, I never want to celebrate the Holidays overseas.

Ricki Lake, famous for her talk show and her recent stint on “Dancing With The Stars” says her horror story was getting super sick on Thanksgiving.
“Well I had food poisoning one year that was it,” Ricki tells HS.

Jennifer Tilly, actress and World Series of Poker star says her horror story was having to pretend like her sister’s Holiday food didn’t give her food poising.

“Once I went to Thanksgiving at my sister’s house and I did get food poisoning but she swears it was the flu. I was like, ‘I got food poisoning and so did my husband’ she goes ‘no, no the little ones were sick you got the flu.’ That’s like somebody’s worse nightmare that people come to your house and throw up afterwards.”

How do you tell someone who just slaved for 4 hours trying to cram a giant bird inside an oven that their food made you sick? You don’t, you tell your host you’ve got to catch the last hour of the Purina National Dog Show and then slip out the back to vomit in a trashcan. Aww the Holidays, bringing people together.

LA Laker Ron Artest has a horror story, but still was thankful that year.

“I always had good thanksgivings but one thanksgiving we only had boxed macaroni and cheese, rice and like corn and you know I will still thankful for it.”