Rick Fox Talks About "Meet The Browns" Success

March 27, 2008 By:
Rick Fox Talks About

Sports star turned movie star Rick Fox has a lot to celebrate. Last night Hollyscoop caught up with Rick at the 6th Annual Behind the lens awards ceremony, which was honoring Director Spike Lee. Rick is the star of recent Box office hit “Meet the Browns” and Hollyscoop.com was there to congratulate him on his first major movie role.

Rick fox revealed, “It was a joy to see it do so well and I hope it continues to do well so that people will not only support Tyler’s movies going forward and maybe give me a chance to get back out there and work again”.

Rick fox credited Spike lee with helping him start his career, “Spike Lee was the original visionaries of me even having a chance to have a career in this town as an actor he gave me a chance in he got game and from that he continued to spawn my passion for acting”. Seems like Rick is loving his new job and were pretty sure he will be seeing his face on the big and small screen.